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Payment of fees and costs is due in full immediately at the conclusion of mediation.  

Mediation Fee:  Effective December 1, 2019, $125 per party per hour, for the time of the mediation session itself.  Unless parties agree otherwise, each party is responsible for their 50% of the mediation fee and any additional costs, such as conference rooms.  Service can include preparation and efiling of a Notice of Mediation and a Mediation Conference Report, as well as any Mediation Settlement Agreement, including Child Support Guidelines, reached by the parties.  

Conference Room Cost:  Parties may agree to mediate at either party's attorney's office as a cost-saving measure.  However, if parties wish to mediate at a neutral location, conference rooms are available for rental at various locations throughout South Florida. Depending on location, cost averages $60/hour per conference room. Usually two conference rooms are used if parties wish to remain in separate rooms during mediation. 

Travel Cost:  No travel cost within Palm Beach County, Broward County, Martin County and Miami-Dade County for mediations requiring no overnights.  Travel costs outside of these counties to be discussed with mediator.  

Division of Fees:  Unless parties agree otherwise, each party is responsible for 50% of total fees and costs (e.g. conference rooms, travel, etcl).  

Mediation Reservation Deposit:  To reserve a mediation, there is a required three hour minimum deposit for a half-day and a six hour minimum deposit for a full day. Unless parties agree otherwise, the party reserving the mediation shall pay the deposit.  


Note:  Experience shows that is very difficult to mediate a new case in less than three hours.  However, with post-judgment matters, three hours may be too long. In post-judgment cases, the minimum can be waived but payment shall be due in full up front.  

Preparation:  The mediator reserves the right to charge her hourly rate, pro rata, for time spent reviewing materials provided in advance of mediation.  

Cancellation Fee:  Cancellations must be in writing.  If mediation is cancelled with less than two business days' notice, then a two hour cancellation fee is due.  

Payment methods accepted:  cash, debit card, credit card, checks, Zelle.  ​ 

To book mediation:

  1. Contact the mediator directly to request a proposed date, time and location. Providing a case number and opposing party/counsel's information is also helpful.  

  2. The mediator will reply with the deposit amount required to reserve the date.

  3. Once the deposit is paid, then the mediator shall reserve the date, and it shall appear on her Calendar. ​

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